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Dear visitors on this page, you can add interesting news. In order to add news, please use the form below. For your convenience, the form for adding news consists of only four parts (Your Name, Your Email, Title of Your News, and Text of Your News). The image for each news will be selected by the site Administrator. After adding your news, it will be certainly published  on the next day or sooner.

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Signs of Good and Bad Publications

Good post:

contains authoring content;
it is easy to read, paragraphed and generally well formatted; (This is the job for the Site Administrator);
It is written as competently as possible;
does not contain what is in poor publications.

Bad post:

has a screaming headline like “Shock! VIDEO! VIRUSES! ”;
It is full of grammar and spelling errors, ignores the rules of the English language as a whole;
contains words from slang;
contains images from unstable photo hosting;
is a complaint about anything;
contains referral links to anything;
contains forbidden or simply inappropriate content;
It is a direct advertisement of one’s or another’s project, service, application, site, etc.