Why сhoose semi automatic washer?

A washing machine is an extreme necessity in every home, nowadays. With so many varieties in the market, one has to choose wisely if they wish to buy one. If you look in India, there are about 15+ brands to choose from. So, a user has a wider range of options to choose from in their suitable price range.

The choices provided to the customers range from front-loaded to top loaded to semi-automatic to fully automatic. If talking about an ordinary situation, the most suggested and preferred one is semi automatic washing machine. It is easier to use, sustainable and also low in price in comparison to other machines. Even though a semi-automatic is the best choice, one should have knowledge about its loading capacity, power efficiency, build quality, functioning, and prices for a smart purchase.

Two types of Semi-automatic machines are available in the market: single tub and twin tub. The difference between the two is obviously the usability. IN a single tub, there is one tub for both washing as well as drying of clothes. In a twin tub, one tub is for washing the clothes and the other is for drying the clothes. The reason these machines are called semi-automatic as they require some manual effort too. In the washing tub, the washing is done automatically but the wet clothes manually have to be put inside the drying tub. This happens in the twin tub. If we talk about a single tub, it’s more time consuming as everything is done in a single space. Until the washing is over you can’t do the drying. In a twin tub, it can be done simultaneously.

Though they require manual work still they are the best choice due to its price. The price ranging of these machines starts from Rs 6000 to Rs 12000, depending on the machine’s capacity and the brand.

Why Semi Automatic Washing is the best choice

This machine is very cost-effective as its cheaper than a fully automatic machine and can be available easily online too. In fact, online there is a chance you might find better deals than in the market. The starting range of fully automatic is from 13000 whereas you can buy a semi-automatic machine starting at RS 6000.
These machines are very popular in areas where there is water scarcity. You can actually save water with this machine as you can manually add the exact amount of water that you need to wash the clothes. You do not need to connect them with tap for the whole washing process like fully automatic machines.
It is environmentally friendly and also sustainable as it saves electricity as well as water.
The manual interference is a great point as the whole control is in your hands from when to switch on and off to stopping and resuming at any time.
As you can switch on and off the machine at any timeScience Articles, you can even add or reduce clothes at any point of time even in the middle of the washing process.

While I have discussed all the points why you should buy a semi automatic washing machine but it still boils down to your personal preference and requirements.

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